41st Belleville Bearcats New Year Classic

How to Register for Event
Follow these simple instructions to create accounts to register for any events hosted by Sportacular Events
Coach and Manager Final Registration Instructions
All head coach and Manager should print a copy and review to ensure you have the correct documents and information
Official OWHA Pickup Consent Forms
Ensure you know how to properly use these forms in compliance with the official OWHA tournament rules and event rules
Sample Official OWHA ROSTER
Please note we do not accept TEAM WAIVERs only OFFICIAL OWHA ROSTERS....see example
Tie Breaker Ratio Chart
used in conjunction with tournament rules to advance teams as needed
2017 Tournament Schedule
Posted Thursday Dec. 22 @ 9:30 pm
2017 Belleville Bearcats Rules
please ensure you have read the rules
Free Scores to Phones Text Msg Services
FREE SCORES TO YOUR PHONES: At the 41st Belleville Bearcats New Year Classic, we are offering free text messaging of Scores and Advancement notices to all Teams and families.What an amazing feature to allow you to go about your day in between games and have scores sent to you handheld device. Choose as many divisions of Pools and when the time comes after round robin you and all your families don’t have to stand around arenas waiting the advancement notifications will tell you what time, what arena and every detail you need to know. So share with all your families as well the officials scores etc are always the Online Scores and Results which are the official scores of the event. SUBSCRIBE TODAY 2 Ways to do so: Texts are free to receive if you have a text messaging option on your cell phone plan. To subscribe for text messaging or to find out more, please click this link: http://www.tourneysms.com/Register/rgTourneyReg.aspx?TrnSMS=2ce46080
2017 HDCO Penalty Free Sweepstakes
2017 HDCO Penalty Free Sweepstakes- Contest Period: December 1, 2016 - January 31, 2017 http://www.hdco.on.ca/penalty_details Any amateur hockey team in Ontario can qualify by playing a penalty-free game within the province of Ontario during the contest period. If one team plays an entire penalty free game that team qualifies. If both teams play penalty-free then both teams qualify. All games must be refereed by qualified officials and the game sheet must be signed by at least one of the officials. All entries are subject to verification by the Penalty Free Sweepstakes Committee. A team may submit an entry for every penalty-free game they play during the contest period. Sweepstakes winners will be drawn at random from the eligible entries received. The draw will be conducted on at the offices of the Hockey Development Centre for Ontario. Winning teams will be notified within fourteen days of the draw if the team has won a sweepstakes prize through their team contact. All league, exhibition, tournament and playoff games played penalty free during the contest period may qualify. Inter-squad and novelty games do not qualify. All entries must be received by 4:00 p.m. Friday February 3, 2017. EVERY PLAYER ON EVERY TEAM SUBMITTING AN ELIGIBLE ENTRY WILL RECEIVE A PENALTY FREE MEMENTO FOR PARTICIPATING IN THE PROGRAM
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