42nd Belleville Bearcats New Year's Classic


17 RoomRoster Belleville

London, Ontario

NOTICE TO ALL TEAMS: To support our organization’s goal of creating the best tournament experience for every team manager, coach and family, we have implemented new tournament management software to manage the following:Official Tournament Hotels have been selected based on value and team amenities. Travel Teams attending this event are asked to follow these steps: Team/Group Block: Upon tournament registration, a Team Account is created in the RoomRoster system.The primary contact for each team is sent an email which includes a link which provides them immediate access into to the team account.Management of the team account can be allocated to a different person if required.The primary contact can select their team hotel from all the Official Hotel Inventory (live).

Upon selecting a desired hotel, a unique team booking link is created and emailed to the Team Contact to forward to each team member.Team Members can complete their reservations within a 1-2 minutes of clicking the link forwarded by the Team ManagerTeam representatives who have any questions about the process can contact RoomRoster Support either by phone at 1-888-723-2064 or by email at support@roomroster.com 
TEAM Reservations for a block of rooms and individual reservations can be made at an Official Tournament Hotel by using the link below:  https://app.roomroster.com/events/3213/hotels

Please do not hesitate to contact our RoomRoster Support Team at 1-888-723-2064 or at support@roomroster.com should you have any questions or require any assistance during the hotel booking process.  

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