3rd Annual Pink Ribbon of Hope Cup Challenge
2 Days 4 Game Min Friday & Saturday ONLY!!

Skate 4A Cure Pledge Sheet
Print this sheet off and start collecting pledges for the weekend....the Athlete raising the most amount wins a great prize each year..combine your forms with the team and we have a prize for the team that raises the most $$...all for a CURE!!!
Weekend Fun Itinerary of All things taking place
Yes it is a full 2 days of mini events taking place so print off a copy and come join in the fun..
Tie Breaker Chart
used in conjunction with the rules
OWHA Player Pickup Consent Forms Tournaments Only
the only form to be used....please ensure it is signed by a memeber of the staff the players are coming from or a league official. you can not sign yourself for a player coming from another teams
Sample OWHA Official Roster
this is the Official Document required fro final registration at headquarters
2011 Pink Ribbon Schedule
Excel version
PINK Ribbon Putt To WIN Game
yes you have to come try this game all proceeds to BC
Coach & Manager Final Registration Instructions
Please print this Document and share with parents as needed.
2011-2012 Rules
Word Document

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